Xtreme Touch-up paint is a small business that came about after trying to repair my SUP nicks without success.  I experimented using my girlfriend’s nail polish but found that it took too long to dry, difficult to match colors, and couldn’t sand it well. After much experimentation with different paints, I found a high quality paint that dried fast and didn’t tear when sanding like enamel paints.

My name is Earl and I grew up in Maui and graduated from Lahainaluna High School. I always loved surfing and was fortunate to meet a young surfboard maker, Jimmy Lewis.  He became a mentor in teaching me the concepts of surfboard making. Fast forward to today, Jimmy is one of the leaders in all types of surfboards and he has expanded well beyond Maui to the US mainland and internationally.  

One day I asked Jimmy if I could market a repair paint that would be an exact match to his line of surfboard colors and he was all for it. Thus, we are able to produce a product that is of the highest quality paint, an exact match to Jimmy’s board colors and is very easy to use and sand with a beautiful finish.

Xtreme Touch-up paint is a great way to maintain the value of your highest quality Paddle, Kite or Surf boards. These paints can be used on other brand of boards but are custom made for Jimmy Lewis boards. We can also do minor custom matching if your color is slightly different.

Earl Kikuyama